Indonesian National Fuel Reserves, is Still Far from The Fire

sumihar11Surabaya – Indonesia can not have a backup fuel oil (BBM) nationwide. Until now owned by Indonesia only operational reserve of 18 to 21 days-ownedenterprises, namely PT Pertamina (Persero).

Downstream Regulatory Agency Committee on Oil and Gas (BP Migas)Sumihar Panjaitan states associated with the realization of the desire of national fuel reserves that must be supported by the goodwill of hisgovernment. As long as there is no goodwill from the government will be difficult to reserve fuel nasioanal realized.

“As long as there is no goodwill from the government, the national oil reserve infrastructure as far from the fire. It is difficult to be realized”, said in an interview interrupted Sumihar working visit to accompany the Commission VII of the House of Representatives, Tuesday (09/12/2014) in Surabaya.

Sumihar Admittedly, it takes a big enough budget to be able to build the infrastructure of the national fuelreserves. One day, it takes up Sumihar estimated budget of at – least Rp. 1 trillion to the national fuel reserve day.

“If for example the Indonesian government wants to have a 20-day national fuel reserves, means Rp. 1 trilliondikalihkan 20 days. Now it may be around Rp. 1.2 to Rp. 1.5 trillion per day”, said Sumihar.

Regarding the budget of which should be the source of the backup infrastructure development, Sumihar reveal is actually a government task, but it can be shared with business entities. But how much is the percentage of eachmust be set. “What percentage of government and what percent is private”, said Sumihar.

When confirmed how the ideal of national fuel reserves, Sumihar revealed depending on the goodwill of the government. He said that could be a minimum of 60 days.


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