Jero Wacik: Indonesia should be an additional refinery

rakerJAKARTA . Indonesian oil refinery production capacity is only about 820,000 barrels per day . In fact the demand reached 1.5 million kl . Therefore, Indonesia must have a new refinery .

In a meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives , on Wednesday ( 29/01/2014 ) Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources , Jero Wacik is currently no additional refineries . Indonesia only has the former refinery Suharto era in 1971 .

”Construction of the refinery should be . If it can anggaranya of the state budget , so the budget right . If the budget can not swastakan but given the ease and incentives because fortunately very thin , ” Jero said .

Jero , who had a very hard fight for the construction of the refinery , said that he thinks like buying a refinery build warships , fighter planes and tanks . If you run out to buy 100 trillion for the fighter to keep the Homeland or state sovereignty , but after 5 years we did not lose the war due to keeping the country .

”So like the way he thinks it refinery . Invest Rp 100 trillion to make refineries do not see in it as to keep the land . If anything happens in the Middle East , we screwed up here . I want the finished proposal before the cabinet was signed later I’ll stay the way , “said Jero .

Related to this , the Commission VII supports the Government’s plan to build an oil refinery as soon as possible . ” Commission VII DPRI RI supports the government’s plan , through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to build an oil refinery as soon as possible to provide the necessary incentives , ” said Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VII , Sutan Bhatoegana , when reading the conclusion of the meeting .


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