Lifting Oil Revised Budget 2015 Agreed 825,000 bph

said3Jakarta – After quite a lot of debate in the House of RepresentativesCommission VII finally lifting the determination of the amount of oil in thestate budget in 2015, agreed at 825,000 barrels per day (BPH). Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said said this during the liftingnumbers specified number of sky. Even ignoring the workplan and budgetpresented by SKK Migas.

According to him, regardless of the number proposed, both oil and gas should be no rincianya. “Let us set with realistic. I do not dare say better than the targets set mengerjar dare not say the target. The target is realistic pursued with hard work to catch up”, said Sudirman in a meeting with the House of Representatives Commission VII and Energy Minister, on Wednesday (28/01/2015).

Fixing the lifting runs a lot one of them is because of each fraction proposes massive numbers arriving durations.Of the PDI-P, represented Mercy Barends propose numbers 830,000 BPH. According to these figures have beenthrough some pretty logical considerations.

Furthermore, from Golkar proposed number 815 000 BPH, Fraction numbers Gerindra proposed 818,000 BPH, the Democratic Party mennyampaikan number 815 000 BPH, 825,000 BPH PKS faction, Hanura issued a number835,000 BPH, PPP issued a number 810,000 BPH, of faction represented Nasdem Kurtubi proposed 840,000 BPH,PPP propose a number 810,000 BPH.

From the figures proposed by the respective representatives of the faction, the determination of the amount of oil lifting agreement can not be decided. So that the second proposed re-done. From this second proposal suggestedas many as nine fraction numbers 825,000 BPH, except from PDI-P.

However, PDI-P was finally agreed diangka 825,000 BPH after Sudirman reveal if the figure is pegged at 825,000BPH must climb 5,000 BPH. “What can go up to 5,000 BPH, This is hard. This is due to external factors beyond ourcontrol”, said Sudirman.

After hearing that, Mercy representing PDI-P finally agreed also diangka 825,000 BPH. “At last explanation drMinister that this is not related to the internal problems of a technical but external issues that can not becontrolled, the PDI-P agree the 825,000 BPH”, he concluded.

Although the determination of oil lifting held tough, Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VII,Kardaya Warnika reveal, the determination of oil lifting Revised Budget 2015 assessed more quickly than fixing agoago.

“My experience is the first time to discuss the determination of the lifting can be set in half a day. The last-past two days”, said Kardaya Warnika.


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