Meningkatkan Infrastruktur Gas Bumi Melalui PenyederImprove Gas Infrastructure Regulation and Simplification Through Consistent Applicationhanaan Pengaturan dan Penerapan Secara Konsisten

pordisYogyakarta – Indonesia blessed with a wide variety of energy sources. One of which is natural gas. However, until now has not been optimal utilization. The reasons include the location of the gas source are scattered and generally farfrom consumption centers and limited infrastructure.

This was revealed by the Governing Body Committee Member Downstream Oiland Gas (BPH Migas) Harsandomo Fahmi, in the event the Forum Discussionwith the stakeholders (stakeholders), Thursday (02/10/2014) in Yogyakarta.

According to him, the biggest problem facing the energy sector today is the reliance on fuel oil or very high. This is reflected in the amount of fuel subsidies in the state budget due to fuel consumption growth or the increase in world oil prices and the exchange rate has weakened. In fact, continued Fahmi Indonesia has a wealth of diverseenergy sources. Natural gas as one of them until now has not been optimal utilization.

“The reasons include the location of the gas source and generally spread away from the center of consumption,lack of infrastructure problems upstream gas prices and the willingness to pay of consumers. All is needed is an integrated solution. Completion of b to b alone is not enough, but it should be the government’s involvement in a real and direct to the point is how to build the infrastructure and provide the natural gas price is competitive withother energy such as oil, coal, and other energy sources”, he explained.

Fahmi added, to build an infrastructure, needed certainty and availability of gas supply for the natural gas industryis high risk and high cost. Equally important, the policies and regulations of the Government and the buyer that begins with the MoU or other agreement on gas sales.

Optimizing the use of natural gas for domestic needs should be supported for infrastructure development with careful planning, financial support and in tandem with government policy, as well as maximum support from allparties involved, both the Government, Regulatory Agency, local government, state and private.

“BPH Migas as simplification proposed regulator setting. During this setting natural gas pipeline infrastructuredevelopment can not be optimally implemented in the field. gas infrastructure development is often hampered due to overlap in the work plan and due to the complexity of setting and physical constraints on the field”, he concluded.

Through this forum is expected to form a better coordination of Government, Regulatory Agency, enterprises and even end consumers, in promoting development of domestic natural gas infrastructure.

“We expect the business activities of the stakeholders of natural gas through pipelines can give each otherfeedback and are committed to enhancing the development of natural gas infrastructure through simplification and consistent application settings we can make together, so that the national gas utilization can be increased”, saidFahmi.


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