Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources: There is No Fuel Subsidy Withdrawal, but Management Fuel Subsidy

kameraJakarta – Quota Fuel (BBM) subsidy is set 46 million kiloliters. If not done anyeffort is not expected to meet quotas until the end of December. Premiumgasoline is expected to be discharged on December 19. While oil Solar late November.

In order to meet the quota by the end of the year, the agency Oil and Gas(BPH Migas) was instructed Enterprises implementing the provision anddistribution of fuel bersbsidi to exercise control.

Uniform laws to control the distribution of fuel distribution stretcher had been issued BPH Migas, the circularnumber 937/Ka BPH/2014 on Specific Fuel Type control. In the circular

“There is no such thing as the removal of subsidies. That there is oil usage control Solar and subsidized Premiumgasoline in certain areas or certain clusters”, said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Wacik in a press conference at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Tuesday (5/8).

Jero add controls such as the Central Jakarta does not mean the entire city. In areas not mean the whole of Borneo Kalimantan. But just a location close to the mining, plantation forestry also.

“They were already prohibited from using subsidized diesel. The goal should not get subsidized diesel and premiumpriority to the needs of the poor are taken by people who are able”, Jero said.


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