Never Again stigmatize Indonesian have many Petroleum Resources

topikJakarta – Indonesia has been becoming one of the country rich in petroleum.Even once a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC), oil production because of the time it is so big.

Indonesia is now out of the membership of OPEC, because to be able to meetdomestic fuel needs must import. Oil and gas production continues to declinewhile consumption continues to increase exports to make this fuel can no longer be avoided.

Head of BP Migas Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andy Noorsaman Sommeng revealed when compared to the currentpopulation size, small enough oil and gas wealth. Because He menghibambau that no longer rely on oil and gas.

According to Andy, this time between the production and consumption of oil and gas in Indonesia is far inversely.Earlier about the 60’s number is so large Indonesian oil and gas production while consumption is smaller.

Once the magnitude of the current oil and gas production, aircraft from America, Singapore landing at Kemayoranin the fuel subsidy can be given. Now it is no longer possible because consumption has doubled from theproduction.

“Therefore, future oil and gas industry-should really be well managed and no longer stigmatize that Indonesia is rich in oil”, said Andy some time ago.


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