Pertalite, Pertamina: Affordable Price, Better Quality

pertaliteJakarta – PT Pertamina (Persero) today officially launched Fuel (BBM) new variant named Pertalite at the pump Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta.Fuel with a research octane number (RON) of 90 is already available in 110gas stations in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

President Director of PT. Pertamina (Persero) Sujtipto Dwi said the increasingly rapid development of the automobile has had an impact on fuel consumption increasingly varied needs. Based on observations of fuel consumption for some time there has been increasing consumer demand for quality fuel which has a high octane ie above RON 88.

According to him, the growth of the above RON 88 fuel demand is much greater than the growth needs of Premium. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of the new fuel is limited to products Pertamax RON 92, RON 95 Pertamax Plus and Pertamax Racing RON 100.

“Taking into consideration the needs of consumers and see market opportunities that exist, Pertamina today to test the market for petroleum products RON 90 with a brand Pertalite after following the process of laboratory testing, permission from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the cooperation with various aosiasi,” said Dwi Sujtipto, Monday (24 / 07/2015) in Jakarta.

The market test is an initial stage to determine consumer response to new products (Pertalite) this. If consumers respond positively enough, Pertamina will undertake further stages.

“Tests carried out simultaneously on the market today at 101 retail outlets spread across three cities namely, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. 40 gas stations in Jakarta-Bandung, 28 in the rest area of ​​West Java, 33 gas stations in Surabaya (Gresik, Sidoarjo and Mojokerto). Pertalite fuel products is a new variant released Pertamina with 90 octane which has an affordable price with better quality than Premium. This will give more choice to consumers, “he said.

Dwi added, during the market test, Pertamina provide Pertalite much as 5 liters per day at each filling station.Pertamina also has socialized with training to gas stations under the marketing of the product Pertalite operasion region in question in this case is MOR MOR III and V. In order to support the smooth operation of this market test Pertalite products, Pertamina has prepared the infrastructure better fuel depots, tank car fleet and IT infrastructure and other facilities.

“We hope the product pertalite RON 90 is able to meet the needs of consumers and get a positive response in the market. We also expect consumer testimonials about the products as an input pertaite pertamina in improving our services, especially in the supply of fuel with better combustion thus able to go further and have affordable prices for consumers, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Director General of Oil and Gas IGN Wiratmaja revealed, Pertalite RON 90 products need to be appreciated because it provides can be used by the community. “Premium products and RON 92 price is pretty far distance. Creativity Pertamina make this product would require investment, businesses and others that need our appreciation,” he said.

He explained that Pertalite, specifications, ijinya, we issued, in Lemigas lab test, test-lab in the University’s famous colleges already done. This product complies with the specification and also the appropriate level of security that we are requisite.

With the release of this Pertalite, continued Wirat, Premium quota throughout Indonesia must remain available.“We give a message to Pertamina with this new product please continue to be disseminated to the public that this product is cleaner than Premium. Besides, do not reduce the quota Premium. Quota Premium at gas stations throughout Indonesia is not reduced by the presence of these products,” he concluded.

The same place Head of BPH Migas said Andy Noorsaman Sommeng as BPH Migas national concern about the availability of fuel, is expected to diversify the fuel products is increasing and in turn will increase the availability of fuel nationwide.

“This is a good step in order to diversify products in order to support Pertamina and the Government of the availability of fuel nationwide,” he said.



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