Pertamina: During Flow Back and Forth of Eid Mubarak, Stock of Fuel and LPG are Safe

pertaminaJakarta – PT Pertamina (Persero) ensure stocks of fuel oil (BBM) and LPG during flow back and forth and backwidths in a safe condition.

“To provide comfort for people going home and turning during Eid stock of fuel and LPG in a safe condition”, said Director of PT Pertamina 0emasaran and Commerce Hanung Budya, Friday (25/7) in Jakarta.

Hanung projecting during flow back and forth and back widths Premium stock average 17.6 days, 20.7 days DieselOil, Aviation Fuel 27.6 days, PERTAMAX 53 days, Pertamax Plus 37, LPG ​​6 days and 17.1 days. If there is traffic jam, Pertamina has set up a fuel tanker and LPG to standby at the pump in the path congestion.

“In addition we also have cooperated with police setting up contra flow lane to anticipate stagnation tankPertamina mobility due to traffic congestion”, he said.

Pertamina also has as many as 72 points kiosk menyediaan PERTAMAX provided in the form of packaging 1, 2,5,10and 20 liter and 10 liter packs Pertamina Dex. For the initial stage, 72 points will be scattered pertamax kiosk inMarketing Operations Region III Pertamina as many as 31 points, Marketing Operations Region IV a 21 point, andMarketing Operations V as much as 20 points.

“Kiosks are PERTAMAX we believe will greatly help the community, especially in alternative pathways that may beless available or lines at gas stations and travelers”, he concluded.

Associated with the anticipated collapse of the bridge Comal, Pertamina has shifted the distribution to the southerncoastal strip to the anticipated increase in fuel consumption in the region.

The use of fuel and LPG during fasting and Eid are generally expected to rise with the amount of each premiummasisng up 5.1% of the average normal Harion be 84 242 80 155 KL KL, Avtur up 7.2% of the normal dailyaverage of 10 619 KL into 11,536 KL and LPG nail 6% of the normal daily average of 19 057 MT to 20,278 MT.”While Solar fell 16.9% from the normal daily average of 43 057 36 151 KL KL into”, said Hanung.

While the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Wacik a working visit to Terminal Plumpang fuelaccompanied by the Director General of Oil and Gas (DG Migas) Edy Hermantoro, Head of Downstream Oil and Gas(BPH Migas) and Andy Noorsaman Sommeng Echelon I officials said KESDM environment, yet effective Comalbridge which resulted in a lot of travelers passing through the alternative pathway does not have to worry aboutthe supply of fuel.

“Pertamina has memersiapkan ways walapupun its retail stations but not much in the neighborhood gas stationfuel held bag. So there is a tank that had been prepared anywhere near there. So if it runs can directly be filled.It’s one of anticipation”, Jero said.


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