Petral Dismissed, Ibrahim Hashim: Not Mean Pertamina Can not Build Overseas Subsidiary

ibra4Jakarta – Pertamina Energy Trading Limited (Petral) has been disbanded. Dissolutiondone because Petral allegedly had become a hotbed for the oil and gas business mafia.So whether the dissolution of Petral, a step the company red plate that will play in the global market became constrained? Committee members Downstream Regulatory Agency for Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Ibrahim Hasyim said Petral does not mean the dissolution of Pertamina constrained future and could no longer establish subsidiaries abroad.

“Pertamina as the company that will play in the global market, inevitably there will be stock in the company abroad. The acquisition of several oil fields abroad at this time, indicating the need for it,” said Ibrahim Hashim, Tuesday (19/05/2015) in Jakarta.

Petral, according to him could not be restored. As well as any future management improved, nonetheless every call Petral certainly synonymous with oil and gas business mafia. “Because it is an act of dissolution Petral to decide themselves with the past,” he said.

Ibrahim said, as one of the countries with sizeable oil production, while kebutuhanya still a little in the 70s has given Indonesia become part of the oil-exporting countries and incoming members of OPEC.

“In the 70s, Indonesia’s oil production reached 1.5 million barrels per day. While domestic demand at that time was only about 800 thousand barrels per day. Indonesia also became one of the oil exporting countries. Petral originally established for oil exports to the United States and as there needs to be the market of the exporting country to facilitate business. Then we know all the appropriate development of the oil business, Petral moved to Hong Kong. However, in line with the current development of consumption is greater than production then he (Petral) is used to import, “he concluded.

Actually, said Ibrahim, Petral as a subsidiary of Pertamina, which was formed about 69 years should still be there, because building a national company abroad was not an easy success. If its existence is not believed to meet domestic demand, Petral can trade themselves abroad, if necessary by changing the name so as not to allergies.

“Talking Petral 1,001 a night just like the story of Abu Nawas that never runs out, because it had to shut down the pages. Petral graduation,” added Ibrahim.


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