Three Program That Gets The Ministry of Energy and Mineral (ESDM) Supplement Budget Allocation

raker2Jakarta – Of the 12 programs proposed the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) in the Revised State Budget 2015, there are threeprograms that have been allocated an additional budget.

“Of the 12 programs that received additional allocation that is a program to provide oil and gas amounted to 3,419,000,000,000, then the electrification of Rp 544 168 503 billion and program management Renewable energy andenergy conservation Rp 1,040,262,514 triluan”, said True EMR PamudjiSecretary General, in a hearing with the House of Representatives Commission VII, Wednesday (02/11/2015).

As for the regulation and supervision courses penydiaan and distribution of fuel and transport of natural gas through pipelines in the state budget in 2015 amounted to USD 371 797 700 billion decreased by USD 111 446 669.

Here are 12 programs in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources RKA-KL Revised Budget 2015:

  1. Program Management and Implementation Support Technical Task Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  2. Apparatus penigkatan and Infrastructure Program KESDM
  3. Program Oversight and Accountability penigkatan Apparatus KESDM
  4. Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Program
  5. Education and Training Program KESDM
  6. Programpengelolaan and Supply of Oil and Gas
  7. Electricity Management Program
  8. Program Development and Mining Concession
  9. Research Program, and the waiter Mitigas Geology
  10. Regulation and Supervision Program Penydiaan and distribution of fuel and transport of natural gas throughpipe
  11. Program Management Support, and
  12. Program Implementation Technical Task Kamui National Energy Board


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