Within 1km from PGN Pipelines, 60 Gas Stations in Jakarta could be functionally as SPBG

kahmi1Jakarta – PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) has identified as many as 60 public refueling stations (gas stations) can be automatically enabled as SPBGs if connected with PGN pipeline because only about 1 mile from the gas station.

Director Hendi Prio Santoso PGN, reveals this could be an opportunity for entrepreneurs as needed in the future, especially once the public privatepartnership between the state-owned enterprises with the entrepreneurs.

“We need a lot of partners for development SPBGs. We have formed a partnership with the administration to makepublic transport in Jakarta-based gas. Later the entire public transport will be required to wear two tanks (gas andoil) so that it can utilize gaseous fuels. Who reject the permit will be revoked”, he said as a speaker in the workshop energy independence at the Sahid, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/9).

He added that employers do not have to worry because the existing gas supply commitments from the governmentwith a very attractive price. “If the current price is still the promotional price of Rp 3,100 business entities, is expected not to be more expensive from about Rp. 5000”, he said.

Thus, further Hendi when the plan to increase prices or fuel subsidy removal happens, the public will have theautomatic substitution of products that are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, more loyal and nationalistsagainst the products of the earth itself in Indonesia, does not depend on imports, do not bother thinking about the magnitude of and how much reserve fuel refinery to be built with a budget of umpteen trillion dollars.


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