BPH Migas Socialize Subsidized Fuel Monitoring and Control in Tarakan

tarakan1Tarakan – Socialization Monitoring and Control of Supply and Distribution offuel oil (BBM) subsidy re-done Downstream Regulatory Body for Oil and Gas(BPH Migas) on Thursday (8/05/2014) in the province of North Borneo.Previously the same socialization done in Bengkulu.

Through this socialization, BPH Migas Chief Andy Noorsaman Sommeng invite the Local Government and law enforcement agencies to work together to oversee the distribution of subsidized fuel that is efficient, effective, and appropriate volume and does not exceed the quota.

According to Andy, without any effort would be very difficult to control subsidized fuel . BPH Migas has proposed to the government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to issue more policies related to the control“. If the first cars of government, both at central and local, state enterprises, enterprises, Mines and Agriculture has been the way. Obviously we want to also cc car with a large luxury car”, said Andy.

As known earlier, that to control subsidized fuel, the government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued ESDM No. 1 of 2013 on the control of the use of subsidized fuel for official vehicles government agencies, police, military, state and local enterprises, mining and plantations are no longer allowed to use subsidized fuel. Phasing control the use of subsidized fuel is in force in all regions in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Provincial Secretary. North Borneo, organized socialization Badrun hope this can give input and hope and the future steps of the quota policy. Are quotas will go to North Borneo or East Kalimantan can be explicitly separated. So that there will be a realignment associated with how the birth of the North Kalimantan in influencing national policy, especially with regard to fuel.

“Hopefully, this meeting will enlighten us all of the above policies and aspirations can channel – apirasi which may be based on empirical experience, the objective conditions on the ground can be delivered in this socialization”, he said.


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