Immediately Stream Gas PGN FSRU to Lampung and West Java

logobig-1JAKARTA. PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) inaugurated the name Floating Storage Receiving Terminal (FSRU) that have been completed at the shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea, on Monday (04/07/2014). The FSRU name is PGN Lampung FSRU.

FSRU is a temporary storage area at the same LNG regasification of LNG that was on a floating vessel. Post inauguration, Lampung FSRU will sail from Ulsan to the Lampung on Monday (14/04/2014).

Present at the inauguration, among others Chief Regulatory Agency Downstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) Andi Noorsaman Sommeng, Director of Gas BPH Migas, Umi Asngadah, Director of PGN Hendi Prio Santoso, Director of PGN LNG, Nisi Setyobudi, Head of Division II A Deputy Strategic Industrial & Manufacturing SOE Ministry Zuryati pajabat Simbolon and Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Director of PGN Hendi Prio Santoso said that the completion of Lampung FSRU will accelerate the conversion of fuel oil (BBM) in Lampung and West Java. “Lampung can be said is experiencing an energy crisis and the supply of gas from the FSRU may be the drug of his,” said Hendi Prio Santoso, after the inauguration.

The existence of Lampung FSRU is said Hendi will also improve the reliability of gas supply PGN. Given this FSRU, PGN gas resources are distributed to consumers is not only sourced from gas fields in Sumatra – Java. PGN can rely on sources of gas supply from LNG Plant located in Eastern Indonesia. So that the LNG product from the refinery in the country can be used for domestic needs. Besides PGN can also get LNG supplies from other sources.

This Lampung FSRU PGN Hendi said is part of the integrated natural gas infrastructure in Lampung built by PGN. The other part is the distribution along the 100 kilometer pipeline with a diameter of 12 inches – 16 inches. Until the end of March 2014, the construction of the pipeline has already reached 90 kilometers. “Mr. Governor Lampung already providing construction permits and we were asked to get it over so that gas can flow immediately to Lampung,” said Hendi.

The FSRU capacity of 2 million tons per year. Gas from Lampung FSRU will supply gas to power plants, industries, small businesses and households in Lampung and South Sumatra. It also will supply natural gas in West Java, Banten and Jakarta.

Distribution of natural gas to the power sector, industry, household, commercial and transport in Lampung an effort to accelerate the conversion of fuel oil (BBM) to fuel gas (CNG). Optimizing the utilization of natural gas has the potential to save on fuel costs, which reached approximately USD 900 billion per year. Fuel cost savings would be more in line with the increased use of natural gas in Lampung.

BPH Migas head Andi Sommeng welcomed the completion of the construction of Lampung FSRU and support the efforts of PGN to increase gas supplies for communities and industries. “Today PGN show seriousness and commitment to increasing the supply of natural gas to the community and industry,” he told reporters after the inauguration of the PGN Sommeng Lampung FSRU in Ulsan, South Korea.

Completion of construction of Lampung FSRU is said Andi Sommeng also be followed by the gas distribution pipeline in Lampung. “In Lampung right there would be a pipeline for gas distribution. The mechanism is right we will apply to how the project could run well. Kan if FSRU project is finished there should not be time delayed. Already the FSRU her the gas should flow. Now it needs development distribution pipes, “said Andi Sommeng.

PGN is now building a gas distribution pipeline in Lampung. In this regard BPH Migas will make a breakthrough by way of acceleration is without a tender. “The issue of the tender was the problem the provisions of Regulation (government regulation). Kan could have been done discretion, the acceleration of the Government. The gas from the FSRU later must be streamed to the distribution pipe” said Andi Sommeng.


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