Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Submit DIPA 2014 To The Authorized Budget in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM)

dipa1JAKARTA. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM),Wacik on Tuesday (17/12/2013) submit the Budget Implementation List (DIPA) of 2014 to the First Echelon as Budget User Authority(KPA) in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

In the past it was often handed DIPA March or April is considered theless quickly. Thus the era now the Government wants to hand over hisDIPA precisely before January 1. DIPA can be delivered precisely mid-or early-early December. Today’s new December 17, DIPA has arrived at Echelon I and also directly to the second echelon.

” There used to be a reason that the absorption due to late or less a new start in April . Then look again another reason . Now the reason is fear of making decisions , fear of being wrong . Once you make a decision or late late late announcement of a tender or tenders , late tenders then take a decision outcome will creep backward . Finally later in December when no maximum absorbance evaluated . Now you can start January 1 mustinya no reason his late DIPA , ” Jero said.

Power users and P2K budget echelon average had worked about 30 years so the Civil Servants ( PNS ) , a period not understand . There is no reason not understand because the sign-rambunya clear . According to Jero , that there Throughout read rules and obey no reason not to pull the trigger . ” You are authorized to use the budget for the trust . Do not break the rules , there ‘s the rule . Follow semuara rules that do not exist out of the corridor .Follow the rules. , ” He said.

Jero added , if you have any difficulty in making decisions , welcome to consult to the Inspector General ( IG) . If still in doubt , Inspector General jointly NAC to consult to the BPK . If more difficult , more hesitant again silahlan let quieter consult with the Commission . There is no deputy prevention . “Provided the money why not dihabisakan . Usually right people struggle to budget . This is why there angagrannya not spent while much work is not done . The money of the people there do not work so less failure by , “said Jero.

Jero hope , a budget of 16.26 trillion in 2014 to be spent with the correct rules because it will encourage people’s welfare and later in the month of October 2014 has been exhausted DIPA submitted in accordance with budgeted .” Do not run out inconsequential but did not survive . So the budget runs properly , then the rule will be met safely , successfully , and people will thank you and I will thank you later when handing the post to my successor , ” Jero hope.


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